Swordsman Swordsman Perform 500 melee weapon attacks
Marksman Marksman Perform 500 ranged weapon attacks
Tavern brawler Tavern Brawler Perform 250 unarmed attacks
Backstabber Backstabber Backstab a monster
Monster killer Monster Killer Kill 250 monsters
Master of the dungeon Master of the Dungeon Complete the game
Hard boiled Hard Boiled Complete the game with hard difficulty setting
Oldschool Doin' It Old School Complete the game with old school mode
Secret spotter Secret Spotter Find 10 secrets
Secret sniffer Secret Sniffer Find 25 secrets
Secret searcher Secret Searcher Find 50 secrets
Seeker of secrets Seeker of Secrets Find all secrets
Treasure hunter Treasure Hunter Find all treasures
Apprentice wizard Apprentice Wizard Cast 25 spells
Master wizard Master Wizard Cast 250 Spells
Archmage Archmage Cast 500 spells
Apprentice alchemist Apprentice Alchemist Mix 10 potions
Master alchemist Master Alchemist Mix 50 potions
Extra mile Go the Extra Mile Travel 10000 tiles
Zhanduls orb Zhandul's Orb Find Zhandul's Orb
Dismantler Dismantler Find Dismantler
Piece of pie Piece of the Pie Find the pie
Buddies with toorum Buddies With Toorum Give Toorum a hand
Gravity I Use Gravity As a Weapon Kill a monster by dropping or teleporting on it
Heres johnny Here's Johnny Open all iron doors
Ninja style Ninja Style Collect and wear lurker's wardrobe (4 pieces)
Bugman I'm the Bugman! Collect and wear full set of chitin armor (4 pieces)
Sardine in a can Like a Sardine In a Can Collect and wear full set of plate mail (5 pieces)
Shining armor Knight in a Shining Armor Collect and wear full set of Valor armor (6 pieces)
Skull snatcher Skull Snatcher Find 5 skulls
Pitfall Pitfall Jump 25 times into a pit
Ogre slayer Ogre Slayer Kill your first ogre
Stoner Stoner Throw a rock 100 times
Enter the vault Enter The Vault Find entrance to the Vault of Dismantler
Prison Enter The Prison Get into the Prison
Slimed Slimed Survive the slimes
Dungeon hero Dungeon Hero Survive the invasion of white blobs (Open the iron door on level 7)
Skill mastery Skill Mastery Obtain level 50 in any skill
Checkered room Checkered Room Solve the Checkered room puzzle
Dungeon runner Dungeon Runner Finish first level in under 4 minutes