Legend of Grimrock Edit

If you see a strange winged being resembling a crow and a wyvern, you have encountered a Crowern. No doubt their origins lie in some dark laboratory experiment. Crowerns are strong and very aggressive and they use flight and speed to their advantage in combat. There may be evolved forms of Crowerns deeper in the dungeons.

A ghastly experiment gone awry, Crowerns were released into Grimrock many years ago, and have since bred themselves to a respectable number. While they are prey for some of the monsters on the lower levels, on most of the upper ones, their ability to fly means they reign supreme. However, with only snails to eat, they've grown hungry for fresh meat, and thus, very aggressive, ready to attack the first adventurer they see! Some have even gotten too close to portals, and in a strange mutation, have gained the ability to fire bolts of electricity. It's wise to avoid these creatures, if you can.

Legend of Grimrock 2Edit

When you thought that finally got far away from Mount Grimrock as possible and its nightmarish beasts, you encountered a familiar not-so-friendly beck and talons! The Crowern has returned and they are still as aggressive as they were before.

These Half-Crow Half-Wyvern creatures are no doubt the result of the twisted experiments of deranged alchemist or dark wizard. However, how did the Crowern end up here on Nex? Did some survive the destruction of Mount Grimrock and migrated to the Island of Nex or is it that the Crowern of Mount Grimrock originate from this island. If the latter is true than three questions remains, who created Crowern, what kind of twisted mind came up with the idea of Half-Crow Half-Wyvern creatures and is this person still on this island...