Giant Spiders are some of the most terrifying of Mount Grimrock's creatures, if not for their venom, then for their fearsome appearance and propensity for sneaking up behind their prey. Tread with caution whenever you see them or their eggs.

Arachnius gigantus, also commonly known as Giant Spider, are Spiders who have bred so many times within the dank walls of Grimrock that they slowly evolved and mutated with the magic there, becoming huge monsters that even the most weathered traveler should quiver at.[citation needed] While one is bad enough, they never appear alone, so if you hear skittering nearby, be sure to get your antidotes ready and prepare for a long and grueling battle.


Wear poison-resistant gear such as the Serpent Bracer. If your mage has level 13 in Earth Magic, cast Poison Shield. Use Antivenom or a Crystal of Life if you become poisoned.