Iron door ig

Iron Door

There are ten Iron Doors in the dungeon. They can be opened in different ways and the rooms behind them contains good items.

Location Walkthrough Contents
Level 1

Secret 3

After the "Two-Eyes" puzzle. To open it push both buttons hidden in the same room.
  • Whitewood Wand
  • A scroll that reads: This magical staff is a powerful weapon when wielded by a potent mage.
Level 2

Secret 5

In the last room before the stairs leading down. To open it, stand on the pressure plate in front of the demon face for 20 seconds.
Level 3

Secret 5

In the room with spiders that resembles the first puzzle, place the torches in the opposite pattern: torches on walls, none on pillar. This will reveal a short passage with a lever and view of the door. Pull the lever to open the door, to which you can now return. Remember that to close the trap door, take the Rock off the pressure plate used in the pillars of light puzzle.
Level 4

Secret 4

After completing Trails of Thought and reaching the room full of pits and Crowerns, there is a button hidden in the small alcove. Press it and run into the pit area, crossing the closed trapped doors and pressing the button on the wall. The Teleport in the center of the room is gone and the trap door under it is open. Drop down and collect the Gear Key. Returning to the hub room, use the key to open the door which is located down a hallway to the NE.
Level 5 A scroll can be found that says: "The Gate of Iron shall open if you take your time and rest in the place where the dragons gaze." You have to rest about 10 seconds at the tile where the stone dragons' gazes are crossing.
Level 6 After finding all 4 Round Keys you can open the Iron Door.
Level 7 Intercept all white projectiles in the room with the three demon heads to open the door. Grants the Dungeon Hero achievement when succeeded.
Level 8 Accessible after entering Dismantler's Vault puzzle via secret entrance in Level 7 and finding a Gear Key in a secret room.
Level 9 Place a Bone Amulet on the shelf to open the door.
Level 10 Tear down the nearby banner to reveal a shelf. Place the Red Gem you found earlier on it.