To complete this level you need to gain 3 round keys and walk through three of the gates in Sequencis. Watch out for the Tunnel Ogre.

Haunted HallsEdit

The Undead Soldier here respawns, and for a reason. A secret here can only be unlocked by luring this enemy.

Snail roomEdit

The Giant Snails here respawn providing an infinite source of food. This room leads to the Maze of Madness.

Maze of MadnessEdit

This is a room filled with several teleports. Note where each teleport sends the player. In doing so correctly, it becomes clear that the maze is unsolvable. Look closely at the walls for two hidden switches that disable the teleports that make the maze unsolvable. Each switch unlocks a path trough the maze to one of the two treasure rooms at the other end. After the treasures have been found the only way to go is back to the Snail Room.


This is collection of hallways that seem useless. Actually there is a secret. You'll need your sound enabled to have a good chance at finding it.

Halls of FireEdit

The Giant Crabs in Mage's Entrance respawn, remember to close the gate when you leave.


Two Giant Crabs guard the entrance. Behind first gate (round key) is a Crystal of Life. Two similar gates complete the Sequencis and open the path to Level 7: Ancient Chambers ahead. To the left is an  entrance to the Chamber of Treasures. To the right is an iron door that requires a fourth round key to unlock.



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