Traits are specialized characteristics given to party members, generally affecting their stats in a unique way. Several of them are racial traits, meaning that they are only available to characters who belong to that race.

Legend of GrimrockEdit

Name Effect Description
Aggressive Attack Power +4 You are full of rage
Agile Dexterity +2 Your reflexes are exceptional
Athletic Strength +2 Your body is muscular
Aura Energy +15 You have a potent aura
Cold-blooded Resist Cold +25 You are naturally resistant to cold
Evasive Evasion +7 You know better to stay away from harm
Daemon Ancestor Resist Fire +25 Your Great Grandfather had fiery eyes
Fist Fighter Attack Power +6 when unarmed You know  how to survive tavern brawls
Head Hunter (Minotaur) Attack Power +3 for each Skull carried Required Race: Minotaur
Healthy Vitality +2 You are exceptional healthy
Natural Armor (Insectoid) Protection +5 Required Race: Insectoid

Your skin is very thick and armor-like

Poison Resistant Resist Poison +25 You are naturally resistant to poisons
Skilled +3 Skillpoints You are learned
Strong Mind Willpower +2 Your mind is sharp as a needle
Thunderstruck (Toorum) Attack speed +100% Required Class: Ranger


Health +15 You are resistant to physical punishment

Legend of Grimrock 2Edit

When creating a character, you can choose two of the following traits. Many are carried over from the original game, though the specific values of some have changed.

Name Description Notes
Aggressive You are full of rage. Damage +4
Agile Your reflexes are exceptional. Dexterity +2
Aura You have a potent aura. Energy +20
Chitin Armor (Insectoid) Your body is covered by a thick chitin shell. You gain Protection +10.
Cold-blooded You are naturally resistant to cold. Resist Cold +25
Daemon Ancestor Your Great Grandfather had fiery eyes. Resist Fire +25
Endurance Max carrying capacity is increased by 25 kg and food consumption rate is decreased by 25%.
Endure Elements (Lizardman) Years spent living in the wilderness have made you resistant to the forces of nature. Resist All +25% All Resistances gain +25, not a percentage increase.
Evasive You know how best to stay away from harm. Evasion +5
Fast Learner (Human) You gain experience points 10% faster. This bonus is in addition to the experience bonus granted by your race. The effect is additive with the Human racial ability. In total, you gain 20% more experience.
Fast Metabolism (Lizardman) Your Health and Energy regenerates 30% faster while your food consumption rate increases by 20%. Additionally, healing potions are twice as effective for you.
Head Hunter (Minotaur) Strength +1 for each skull carried.
Healthy You are exceptionally healthy. Vitality +2
Martial Training You are trained to use a wide variety of melee weapons. Melee attacks gain Accuracy +7.
Muscular Your body is muscular. Strength +2
Mutation (Ratling) One of your attribute scores, chosen randomly, increases by 1 when you gain a new level.
Natural Armor Your skin is very thick and armor-like. Protection +5
Poison Immunity (Lizardman) You are immune to poison.
Poison Resistant You are naturally resistant to poisons. Resist Poison +25
Quick (Insectoid) The cooldown period for all actions you perform is decreased by 10%.
Rage (Minotaur) Your strength is temporarily increased by 10 when you have less than 20% health remaining.
Skilled (Human) You gain 1 extra skill point at first level. It may only be used to raise a skill from level 0 to level 1.
Strong Mind Your mind is as sharp as a needle. Willpower +2
Tough You are resistant to physical punishment. Health +20

Characters can gain the following additional traits, either by reaching certain Skill levels or by reading books.

Name Description Notes
Air Mastery You gain Resist Shock +50. Reach Air Magic level 5.
Assassin You can backstab with any Light Weapon. Reach Critical level 5.
Backstab You do triple damage when you successfully backstab an enemy with a dagger. Reach Critical level 3.
Bomb Expert When crafting bombs you get three bombs instead of one. Reach Alchemy level 5.
Double Throw You can throw weapons from both hands with one action. Reach Throwing level 5.
Dual Wield Mastery You can dual wield any two Light Weapons. Both weapons still suffer a 40% penalty to the items' base damage when dual wielding. Reach Light Weapons level 5.
Dual Wielding You can attack separately with Light Weapons in either hand. One of the weapons must be a dagger. Both weapons suffer a 40% penalty to the items' base damage when dual wielding. Reach Light Weapons level 3.
Earth Mastery You gain Resist Poison +50. Reach Earth Magic level 5.
Fire Mastery You gain Resist Fire +50. Reach Fire Magic level 5.
Firearm Mastery Firearms never malfunction in your hands. Reach Firearms level 5.
Heavy Armors You can wear Heavy Armor without penalties. Reach Armor level 4.
Improved Alchemy Healing and energy potions you brew are stronger. Reach Alchemy level 4.
Brew Greater Healing Potions instead of Healing Potions.
Brew Greater Energy Potions instead of Energy Potions.
Light Armors You can wear Light Armor without penalties. Reach Armor level 2.
Meditation Your Energy regeneration rate is increased by 25% while resting. Reach Concentration level 3.
Nightstalker Read Rites of the Moon. Does not appear in the Traits window.
+5 Vitality (Night)
-5 Vitality (Day)
Ogre's Grip You can wield two-handed weapons in one hand. Reach Heavy Weapons level 5.
Pack Mule Your max carrying capacity is increased by 15 kg. Reach Athletics level 3.
Party Leader Other party members gain +1 bonus to all attributes as long as you are alive. Read the Tome of Leadership.
Piercing Arrows Your Missile Weapon attacks ignore 20 points of an enemy's armor. Reach Missile Weapons level 4.
Reach You can perform melee attacks from the back row. Reach Accuracy level 2.
Uncanny Speed Cooldowns of all your actions are sped up by 10%. Reach Dodge level 3.
Water Mastery You gain Resist Cold +50. Reach Water Magic level 5.

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