There are seven hidden treasures to find in the game. The table below lists them in the order they are first obtainable.

# indicates that the secret is located on another level, but is encountered as part of exploring the current level.

Location Walkthrough Treasure
Level 2 Near the end of the level, in the 3x3 tile loop shaped area before a keyhole, there is a hidden button on the central south wall. Pressing it reveals a room back around the corner containing the treasure.

Golden chalice inv

Golden Chalice

Level 3 On the wall of the room of Secret 6, there is a hidden button which reveals stairs down to a Slime dungeon. The treasure is in the far left corner of the room on the ground. #

Golden deity figure inv

Golden Deity Figure

Level 6 Drop down the westmost pit in the Halls of Fire on level 6. The crown is behind a portcullis and guarded by a Giant Crab.

Crown of kings inv

Crown of Kings

level 11 (accessed from Level 6) After you beat Fighter Challenge, turn your attention to west wall. There is a hidden switch. #

Ancient apparatus inv

Ancient Apparatus

Level 8 The Golden Dragon is in secret room within The Dismantler chamber.

Golden dragon inv

Golden Dragon

Level 13 Found in a secret room in the northern part of level 13.

Globe of tetharion inv

Globe of Tetharion

Level 11 It's found on Level 11 after activating the Undying One.

File:Goromorg miniature inv.jpg

Goromorg Miniature