Uggardians are spirits that have been summoned from Outer Realms to guard important places such as tombs and vaults. They resemble heavily armored warriors whose bodies are made of fire. Anyone standing next to a Uggardian can get blistered very quickly!

Powerful elemental beings, Uggardians will pose a serious threat to unprepared parties. Even without their ability to float over traps and pitfalls, their ranged fireballs alone would make fighting them dangerous. The Fire Shield spell is a good defense against their attacks.

In Legend of Grimrock 2, Uggardians are almost completely absent; they only appear as part of the fourth wave of enemies in the battle against the Lindworm. Not only immune to Fire Magic, they are healed by it, making the attacks of their Magma Golem allies all the more beneficial to them.


Ancient guardians, Uggardians have far outlived the mages who summoned them, along with the civilizations whose relics they once watched over. None remain who can release them from their servitude, leaving them trapped in this plane of existence.[1]



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