After being released into the mountain dungeon so many years ago, the Crowerns that living deeper inside Grimrock were being affected by its magicks like so many other creatures before them. Some of these Crowerns have gotten too close to portals, and in a strange mutation, has awakened their draconic ancestry. These Crowerns turned into miniature visions of their dragon ancestors and they are just vicious and ravenous as their ancestors were and they gain the ability to fire bolts of electricity. It is wise to avoid these creatures, if you can...

Wyverns, the larger cousins of Crowerns, are larger and more fearsome. Tinted blue, compared to the reddish brown Crowerns, they are powerful enemies both in melee range and at a distance, thanks to their sharp talons and their ability to launch lightning bolts.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Late in development, it was decided that another flying enemy was needed. The Wyvern was created as a variation on the Crowern, allowing the assets to be reused and the design to be revisited.[1]



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